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Happy 2017 Everyone!

A new calendar year is here. Does that mean something to you? Does it feel like it can be a fresh start? A new year to create the life you’re wanting? Have you felt this way before? Did you make resolutions last year and stick to them? Or perhaps you slowly fell back into your old patterns?

Many people start out the new year ready for change, but then find reasons to stop making efforts shortly after. They make excuses and allow themselves to become complacent and dejected. They may even believe that they are not good enough, or strong enough, to change.

Are you one of them? Do you feel this way? If so, do you want to feel differently? Yes? Good! Now, what are you going to do to make the changes necessary to have the life you’re wanting? What are you willing to do to make it a reality?

The new year is a perfect time to take a look at your life. Question your actions, behaviors, relationships, career, health, and all other aspects of your life that matter to you. Do you want this year to be better than the last? Are you ready to commit yourself to a fresh start?

Let this year be your year of growth!


If you want to improve any aspect of your life, you must do two things:


  • Make a helpful change
  • Be consistent with that change.


You need to learn new ways of thinking, new behaviors, new tools, and leave comfort zone consistently! You need to create new helpful habits and stick to them. You need to remind yourself regularly of who you want to be and how you want to feel! To experience a different life, you have to be different than you’ve always been.

Are you ready for this?

If you really want to change and are willing to do what it takes to have a fantastic life, then I’m the coach for you! Together we will make it a reality.


Why work with me?

Because I have the knowledge and experience to help you.

Years ago, I had low self-esteem, was battling addictions, anxiety, and depression. I was suffering. I got to the point that I knew I didn’t want to feel this way anymore. I was done. I then made the best choice of my life. I decided I wanted more for myself and was going to do what I could to make it happen. It started with a strong desire to feel happier. It took determination, persistence, and hard work, but I did it! I turned my life around! I’m now living many wonderful things that I only ever dreamed of. I would love to show you how you can do the same if you’re truly ready to transform!

My own personal journey, combined with seven years as a drug counselor and now almost three years working for myself as a life coach has given me the knowledge and experience to help guide you to how you want to feel or where you want to go.

I’m a life coach because I want to inspire those who are committed to improving their lives. I want to help people shift their perspectives and to find creative solutions to anything they are going through. Seeing wonderful changes take place in the lives of those I’ve helped is incredibly satisfying.

I will help you discover what you are capable of. Your life is yours to create. No one can do it for you, but I have the skills and experience to guide you in the right direction.

I’m offering these special packages because I want you to see how beneficial life coaching with me can be. I want you to feel the joy that comes from discovering your potential.


What you can expect in a session with your new life coach:

  • compassionate listening and understanding
  • encouragement & positive feedback
  • identification of limiting patterns through self-discovery
  • a helpful shift in your perspective
  • an open-minded approach free of judgment
  • defining constructive & creative solutions to your issues/goals
  • life coaching tailored to YOU!


What are people saying about working with me? (Words from a few of my satisfied clients)


“Samantha showed me the healing, constructive power of LOVING MYSELF, to praise myself for all the good things I do (as little and insignificant they may seem), to appreciate what I have (as minimum and insignificant I think it was), to deal with my losses (She gave me input about aspects of my life, that no one gave me before, which changed the suffering and what it seemed an eternal mourning for healing, forgiving and gratitude), to deal with rejection and to get out of my comfort zone; and to make this outlook a habit, a daily habit, at every time of the day.

And with all this guidance and coaching, she made me stronger. She has that special talent to go to the core of problematic areas I was dealing with and gave me very rich input and ways to deal with them and made me understand why I sometimes I got caught in mental traps; she’s very sharp in showing you there’s always a better way to see things, change the outlook, feel better and do better:

– I have learned to love myself, which has fixed so many fears in my life: I can handle rejection much better, it makes me find better and closer friends and be more patient when finding a partner.

– I can put limits easier. Now I praise myself for my successes and I respect myself for every little thing I do well; I don’t fear loneliness and I appreciate and I’m grateful for what I have, spiritually and materially.

– I have learned to accept my losses and I understand why it used to hurt me so bad in the past. I don’t suffer anymore the big losses in my life.

– I have learned how to get out of my comfort zone and I now know how transforming this is.

– I feel now I want to know more people and I’m more sociable.

And all this feels like magic! I feel very grateful for these teachings from Samantha.

I wish people wanting to change and improve their life have the opportunity to meet Samantha. She brings great value to the community with a powerful, transforming message.”Alfredo C.


“Samantha is like the best friend you’ve never had. Describing her skills is difficult to put into words. There is an energy and an authenticity about her that is indescribable. She is extremely insightful and will make you feel at ease right from the beginning. Do not be fooled by her lovely baby face, she has quite some experience under her belt. I would recommend her to the most important people in my life in a heartbeat. I guarantee you that you will not regret your session.”Marie N.


“I cannot recommend Samantha enough. As a life coach, confident and friend, she has been (and continues to be) a cornerstone and inspiration of my own personal development journey over the past year. Samantha’s endless support, energy, encouragement and has allowed me to discover new ideas and different perspectives in all areas of my life, including career, health, relationships and well-being. 2015 has been an amazing year for me, probably one of the most life-changing years of my life, and Samantha has played a key role in this transformation. I continue to look forward to meeting with her and having her in my life as a life coach and friend.” – Conrad B.


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Do you want a better life? Are you determined to improve?

If you are committed and ready to change? Then I have this special offer for you!



“Change Your Life NOW!”

Limited Time Life Coaching Offer

Weekly or biweekly Life Coaching Sessions


Skype/Phone Sessions

Six sessions for only 280$ (330$ value)

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Ten sessions for only 450$ (550$ value)

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Casual Coffee Shop Sessions

Six sessions for only 310$ (360$ value)

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Ten sessions for only 500$ (600$ value)

Save 100$


Office Sessions

Six sessions for only 350$ (390$ value)

Save 40$!


Ten sessions for only 570$ (650$ value)

Save 80$


Will you choose to invest in yourself this year?


*Early Bird Bonus* book your first session by January 21st and receive 2 FREE group life coaching sessions (20$ value)! (Montreal area only) 

Payment methods accepted (Cash, Etransfer, Cheque, *Paypal, *Visa, *Mastercard).

*Small transaction fee applies.

Payments can be made in up to 4 consecutive weekly installments.

Offer only available until February 28th, 2017.

1 offer per client (other packaged offers available afterward)


Want to have a trial session first? No problem! I’m happy to offer you 50% off your first casual or Skype session or a 25$ discount on your first office session.


Visit for more information, or contact me with any questions you may have.


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I look forward to working with you soon,


Samantha Barley

Self-Discovery Life Coach

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